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Young Living has put all of their 10 starter kits on sale for 10% off until April 30th.  If you have not seen their new kits check them out. They range in prices.  
Also, Carla and Bill Green have a little treasure hunt for those who are signed up in their group.  If you watch three short videos and answer a few questions they will add a 10 dollar product credit to your account.  That's like getting your shipping paid for. 
If you have any questions or know of anyone who will benefit connect them with me.  
To reactivate your account call Calgary 1-855-429-2616 and have your id number and four digit pin handy.  If not they can do their best to help you. 
Enjoy the last few days of April

April Newsletter

Happy Easter Everyone
Once again this holiday will be unlike most Easters we experience, but we do our best and try to stay safe while having some bonding time with our limited circles.

In this newsletter I want to share a product that I have been reintroduced to.  I say that because I have used it for one thing only and now I found many other ways to incorporate into my life and my family's and it has become the latest "hero".  
So many uses its crazy!  We are currently using it on my husband's weird dry skin patch that is about 2 dimes sizes large, on his face and painful.  It has been there for at least a year and constantly has thick dry skin he picks off.  Now the area is soft, non painful and is slightly pinkish.  For myself, I have found some respite from my alligator skin on my arms that happened after a trip to Cuba 2 years ago.  My arms and hands feel so much smoother and silkier.  I also heard other woman telling of how it is the best thing to rub on your perineum during labour.  It helps prevent tearing and has a antimicrobial effect. Apparently it is great for minor itching down "there" as well or if you are in need of extra lubricant.  (I know I said it ...we all need to hear it so just be grateful that someone said it out loud)


I don't know about your household but we go through lots of NingXia red juice and I do not like to throw those bottles out.  Here is a creative way to repurpose them.  Hummingbird Feeders. Maybe add some music and laughter to the party and voila some wholesome fun!
Hummingbird Feeders

For those of you still on Facebook and want to see what was posted for the event called Journey to the Next Level feel free to go take a gander.  Unfortunately you have missed out on the prizes but you can still see all the wonderful info I shared. 

I am hoping that by May my new office will be open for business. I look forward to serving everyone to the best of my abilities.  Once we are allowed I aim to start doing more workshops and will have some inventory in house.  I will continue to offer biofeedback, reflexology supreme and raindrop massage technique.  
Here to connect with you one drop at a time.  Until May, be safe and kind to others. 


Starting Friday, March 26 until Sunday March 28 we will be running a free Facebook event called Journey to the Next Level.  Please join whenever you can to take a look at some of the posts and comments, ask questions and just enjoy yourself.  

Click on the link to get in. 

March Newsletter

Hard to believe we have entered into March already!  In late December I purchased the Prozyto program which allows me to scan individuals remotely.  This has been such a blessing to have.  If you have not yet had a scan or would like a repeat scan please send me your birthday, cell number and an email.  This is great for helping with your autoship order or if you are struggling in any way to get some clarity on Young Living essential oil products that can potentially support you with your issues. Great for both physical and emotional problems, but not limited to just these.  Check it out, I am sure you wont be disappointed.
Wondering what to do with your essential oil products?  Well I am including a calendar that can get you using them every day.  Let me know how many days you managed to accomplish.  
If you are not familiar with Unicorn Juice here is the recipe.  It is called a variety of names but it's the same drink.
Here is a bit of info on SULFURZYME. 

What is Sulfurzyme?

“Sulfurzyme is a unique combination of MSM, the protein-building compound found in breast milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, and Ningxia wolfberry. Together, they create a new concept in balancing the immune system and supporting almost every major function of the body. MSM has the ability to equalize water inside the cells, which is a considerable benefit for those needing joint support.”

– From the Essential Oil Desk Reference, Life Science Publishing

Why should I take Sulfurzyme?

If you have skin, hair, nails, or joints (and we hope you do), you are likely not getting enough of this compound. Weak and brittle nails, hair that doesn’t grow or isn’t healthy, joints that are painful, and skin issues can all be giant billboard signs telling you that you need more nutrition in this area. Skin that is ultra sensitive to the topical use of oils can be another telltale sign. This one supplement can do so much to help you benefit from everything else you are doing with your oils to increase your health.

“What makes this product different from the other products is the exceptional purity of MSM we use. This pharmaceutical grade MSM in Sulfurzyme is light years away from the low-grade material imported from Asia. Unfortunately, a great deal of the MSM sold in the U.S. originates from Asia. I believe that the key ingredient that makes Sulfurzyme so effective is the Chinese Wolfberry. With over 18 amino acids and 21 minerals, the wolfberry is one of the most nutrient-dense foods known. Few people realize that in order for us and our pets to properly metabolize the sulfur in MSM, the body requires minerals like molybdenum. When these are missing, MSM does not work as well. This is why wolfberry is so important.” – D. Gary Young, founder of Young Living

MSM, or methylsulfonylmethane, is the first safe, natural, side-effect-free remedy for many types of pain and inflammatory conditions. In this authoritative look at MSM, Drs. Stanley Jacob and Ronald Lawrence reveal how to tap into the benefits of this amazing “miracle” compound.

Want to learn more about MSM? Check out this book: https://amzn.to/2IdjeQx

Doesn't the colour green just spring to mind when you think of March?  Well, here is a whole line in green hued bottles. This is a game changer with skin care.  If you haven't tried this yet add the Bloom skin line to your next order and luxuriate in the feel of your skin and watch yourself decrease in age. 

Last but not least, Hasse, Andrea Romyn and myself will be hosting an event March 26, 27 and 28th, 2021.  It will be on FB and you can jump on whenever and check out the videos, games and DIY ideas posted. This is free and an awesome way to introduce friends and family members to the Young Living family.  Feel free to invite anyone you want and if they are interested in signing up they would just connect with however invited then to the group. 

Just a reminder to connect with me if you have any questions or are interested in the financial option and need some mentoring to get going.  

Looking forward to Spring and the great changes I feel are in the air. 

Kari-Gail Roy-Jansson, BSHN, RN, CBS


New Year's Newsletter

January 2021
Happy Holidays Everyone.  What a challenging year 2020 has been!   I don’t know what I would have done without my Stressaway bath soaks.  It hasn’t been all bad though.  We had some highlights to boost our morale.  Our oldest daughter Kajsa got married (on paper anyway) and the youngest, Sanna, has made baby steps to handling life’s challenges a bit better.   We are also in the process of renovating the garage so I will have a larger office space.  So long overdue!  I’ll keep you posted. 

2020  has been a tough year for many people causing the nervous system to be over sensitive, adrenal glands over worked and the thyroid out of whack.  When stress causes the hormones to be imbalanced there are a few things we can do.  We can start by supporting our endocrine system with PD 80/20.  It contains pregnenolone and DHEA; two substances produced naturally by the body but decrease with age.  All the ingredients work synergistically to have an impact on mental acuity, memory, cardiovascular health, hormone support and the immune system.  Women taking this supplement will often feel better and have more zip to their life. 
Endogize and Powergize are two supplements that support the adrenal glands.  They both contain tribulus which regulates estrogen.  Endoflex is a fabulous essential oil from Young Living that also supports the adrenal glands.  Rub a couple of drops directly over the adrenal glands on the lower back and feel the miracle happen. 

Take a moment starting at the beginning of each week to do some janning.  (journaling+planning) Write out each day and how the day will unfold including all the scheduled things to do but also emotions and outcomes.  Write as if it has already happened.

Shower Disc:  Mix together 1 ½ cups baking soda, 2 tbsp cornstarch and distilled water or tap water just to make wet so it sticks together.  Add food colouring if you want.  Press into the bottom of a muffin lined tray or use silicon tray for interesting shapes.  Let dry x 24 hours.  Add whatever essential oil you like eg RC, Stress Away, Lavender, Eucalyptus, Orange, Grapefruit, Lemon or Lime.  Place one disc in the bottom of a shower and let the water and steam do their magic when the discs start to dissolve. 
Potpourri Diffuser: Mix a bag of potpourri into a glass mason jar.   Remove the metal disc from the lid and substitute gauze .  Add drops of essential oils to the pinecones.  
Sore Throat, cough or malaise:  
1 drop Frankincense oil
1 drop lemon oil
1 drop peppermint oil
1 drop Thieves oil
Add to hot herbal tea.  I like Bengal Tiger.  Stir in some raw honey.  You will reap double benefits when you inhale the steam and drink the oil infused tea.   Double magic!

Remote Zyto Scan
Those of you who have yet to receive a remote zyto scan drop me an email and include your:
 1. full birthdate  2.  cell number and  3.  the email you wish to have me send the request to.   
You will receive an email asking you to click on the link where you will do a 10 second voice recording when prompted.  This is a good time to say what your main issues are.  Then you will have to click on an image that moves 5 times across your page.   This gives the program a spark and allows it to pick up on your frequency to see what products your body resonates with today.  This is my New Year gift to you.  If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.  

Watch for the new Young Living website coming to Canada this Spring.   
Let’s keep in touch.   Let me know if there is anything I can help you with.  
Cheers, Kari-Gail
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