Hi all you beautiful souls. 
I'm excited to announce the official date that the Energy Enhancement System will be available to you.  This Thursday, July 20, 2023 will be the first day open for bookings starting at 11:00 am til 1:00 pm for the first session. It is just a soft opening until mid August when times will be more structured. (Watch the short video for explanation of what it is and how it works.)

 This technology was developed over 20 years ago by Dr Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D, DNM, DCSJl.  To understand how the device works it helps to know that optimal health begins with our cells being properly charged and when they are not, we see disease.  A healthy cell should hold an electrical charge that is between 70-90 millivolts.   A cancerous cell has a charge of around 20 millivolts or lower.  Through frequencies like scalar wave technology and bio-photonic light therapy, (to name a few) the EESystem boosts the cells in your body, maintaining the optimal charge of between 70 to 90 millivolts.  Having sessions with this device charges the battery in your body, giving you more strengthvitality and energy to thrive.  
 The research has been acknowledged by both medical and scientific communities. Clinical trials have demonstrated that the EESystem technology assists in cell regeneration, neurotransmitter functions, immune function, detoxification of the body and so much more.   Thousands worldwide are reporting fabulous benefits such as mood elevation, lower stress levels, increased energy, pain relief, emotional stability and improved immune function.  
 It uses ecologically, environmentally safe, custom-installed computers that generate bio-active life-enhancing energy fields, including scalar waves.  Prior to having a session, you will need to drink lots of water by itself not combined with any dehydrating liquid like tea or coffee.  You start with a maximum of two hours for your first session.  After that you can prolong your sessions to include overnights.  The frequencies emitted induce sleep which is what you want as this puts your brain into Theta wave, the most optimum for healing the body. It also relaxes you, so you enter parasympathetic mode for easier healing. After your session you continue to drink lots of water and have a detox bath.  If you are unable to have a bath at least soak your feet in a tub of detoxing formula.  The recipe suggested includes mixing 2 cups of sea salt, 2 cups of baking soda and 1 cup of borax.  I would then just use 1 cup of this mixture in the bath water soaking for at least 30 minutes with the water temperature as hot as you can tolerate.  Prevent your hair from going into the bath water as this will dry it out.  
Although most people see amazing results it is not to be in lieu of medical advice from your doctor or following a healthy lifestyle so please continue to exercise, drink lots of bioavailable water and ensure you are ingesting lots of greens, and healthy fruit and vegetables in your diet.  A good sleep is imperative for optimum health as well. Be grateful and experiment with activities that raise your vibration like any of the following; meditating, earthing, singing, listening to classical music, playing an instrument, eating a vegan diet, bathing, reading, diffusing Young Living essential oils and/or practicing yoga.    
There are many testimonials on my website www.transformationalhealth.ca so people can familiarize themselves with what to expect and reasons they might want to attend a session, as well as how many sessions they may require. Under the tab Work with Me is a drop down tab where you can click on services.  You pay by the hour but there are packages of various prices.  The larger the package of hours the cheaper the sessions , right down to $40 dollars per hour with the 30 hour package. Under that same drop down tab is EESystem Testimonials where you can click on the specific issue you are wanting to learn about. 
Will we also be doing multiple community events for $40 for the two hours so stay tuned for upcoming events. 

***Of special note is that Transformational Health Association will now be operating as a Private Members Association and as such you will need to sign a waiver agreeing to the terms and pay a one-time fee of $10.00.  

Vibrational medicine is our future. 
If you have any questions please connect with me via email or phone. 
To book a session please connect with me for times and dates and chair availability. I can serve 10 people at once. 


Kari-Gail Roy-Jansson705-783-9599
Monday -Friday 11-1 pm; 2-4 pm; Tuesday also 6-8 pm; Saturday 10am-12pm; Sunday closed.


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